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What access does a membership include?

With a DVD Store membership you'll have immediate and unrestricted access to

  • Over 3,500 DVDs to watch immediately or download
  • That is over 20,000 movies of over 20 min length each.
  • Content from all mayor studios worldwide.
  • Exclusive 100% Hentai, Japan, and Latin movies you'll not find anywhere else.
  • All content available in high-definition and available on iPhone, Android and iPad.

DVD Store currently offers one of the biggest archives of content on the entire Internet available at an affordable price. We are always adding new content as we can bringing you new exclusive titles you will not find on other places.

What is the pricing? How can I pay?

Available pricing can be found on the Join page.

You can pay with any of these available methods

  • Credit Cards available everywhere.
  • Online Check available for United States and Canada only.
  • Immediate Phone Validation available in some countries.
  • Bank Deposit available on Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I have lost my username/password

You can recover your username and password from here.

How to cancel my membership?

If you wish to cancel your membership, click visit You can easily find and cancel your subscription giving your email address, order ID or part of your credit card number.

Once you complete all the steps required, your membership for the next renewal period will be automatically cancelled and you will not receive any additional charge for our service.

Within 24 hours our Customer Service team will send you an email confirming your membership has been cancelled.

Nevertheless, your membership and authorization to access our service will remain effective until the end of the access period you signed up for.

Does it works from my phone?

Yes! All content work smoothly on any Android, iPhone and iPad device.

How can I get quick support?

For any questions you can contact us to or visit our Customer Care.

You can also call us at +598 9500 8000.

We always do our best to give you a reply back shortly.